Our Story

It all began on September 3, 2017, the day our little Shiba Inu girl named Mochi was born. We spent most of the winter in the Swiss mountains and found the idea sweet to make bandanas for her from traditional Swiss fabrics. More and more people wanted to know where we got these bandanas from and ordered them from us. 

So WOODSDOG was born. 

Meanwhile we have traditional fabrics from all over the world. Switzerland, USA, Hawaii, Japan, Sweden, Peru and so on.


These days also our dogs go with the fashion. Dog bandanas are the latest trend as individual dog accessories. A dog bandana is not only a beautiful accessory - it brings many advantages with it. Especially in cold months a dog bandana protects against cold, wetness and weather and provides, as with humans, a plus in comfort. No matter if you have a big or a small dog - with WOODSDOG you are in the right place. We manufacture the products individually for your sweetheart. We also offer blankets, collars and bow ties for your pets. Whether for hiking, birthday, wedding or Christmas. With our accessories your furry friend is a real head-turner.

We can not wait to sew accessories for your furry friend!

Hey Ho Adventure Dogs!

Jenny, Carla & Mochi

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