With the Indian Summer the summer shows its full magnificence for the last time and that's why we named our new collar and leash edition after this natural spectacle.


All Indian-Summer Editions are available with Mocca metal only.


At Woodsdog we decided that we need a 100% VEGAN Productline.

We are very proud that there is not a single piece of leather used in our "Trail Collar and Leash Collection".

Although the collars and leashes look clean, simple, and are soft to touch like leather, we use a durable coated webbing. The benefits of our webbing includes - Waterproof, Mold-proof, Stinkproof , Durable , Fade Resistant , Easy to Clean - Soap and Water Recommended!


For the sizes check the Size Guide.


Our products are individually handmade for each customer. It can therefore take up to 4 weeks before we ship the goods.


*Since the metal parts are lacquered, scratches and normal wear and tear can cause the metal to become visible under the Mocca lacquer - this is not a reason for complaint.

Durango Collar - Indian Summer

Metal Parts
Collar Sizes
Biothane Color
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