At Woodsdog we decided that we need a 100% VEGAN Productline.

We are very proud that there is not a single piece of leather used in our "Trail Collar and Leash Collection".

Although the collars and leashes look clean, simple, and are soft to touch like leather, we use a durable coated webbing. The benefits of our webbing includes - Waterproof, Mold-proof, Stinkproof , Durable , Fade Resistant , Easy to Clean - Soap and Water Recommended!



The Shilah Dog Coupler lead attachment allows you to walk two dogs on a single lead, side by side. When attached to our leads, the snap swivel gives your pups the freedom to change sides without getting tangled. The Shilah Dog Coupler has a large O-ring to attach a lead to, with two mini-leads to attach to each dog.


  • ca. 55 cm


Our products are individually handmade for each customer. It can therefore take up to 4 weeks before we ship the goods.



Please indicate your dogs name at checkout.

Shilah - Dog Coupler

Biothane Color 1
Biothane Color 2
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